Intense No Taboo Phone Domination

No taboo domination phone sex with Mistress RachelPhone Domination is all about a woman taking charge — taking charge of your pain, taking charge of your pleasure, and pushing you down the paths of your most secret fantasies.  Imagine me towering over you in my five inch stiletto high heels as you grovel naked in front of me on your knees and my big strap on cock thrusting toward your mouth.  Or handcuffed to my bed on your back as I sit on your face and force you to lick me to orgasm again and again.  I will train you and make you my obedient sex slave.  I will push all of your submissive limits.

I am a demanding Mistress. You will confess all your kinky secrets to me and I will tell you mine. You may be surprised at my dark desires and the twisted, taboo acts I will make you perform for my pleasure.

Is your cock already throbbing? You know this is what you crave.  So call me for intense, no taboo phone domination and I’ll show you how much of a dirty little slut you can be.

1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Phone domination sessions are $2/minute
You must be 18+

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Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex for small cock cuckoldsCuckold phone sex is about telling you the cold, hard truth about your sexual inadequacy.  Yes, you have a small cock. Forget that “size doesn’t matter” stuff! Did you really think that any woman would settle for a tiny cock like yours?  Your small cock would turn any woman into a cuckoldress.

In the beginning, she may say it doesn’t matter but once the infatuation wears off, she’s going to start missing real cock and the great sex and powerful orgasms that go with it. You need to face the facts. You’re destined to be a cuckold husband, eating cuckold creampie, fluffing her lovers and cut off from her pussy. The only sex you’ll be getting is cuckold phone sex.

Cuckold Phone Sex and Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex
1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Phone domination sessions just $2 /minute
Must be 18+

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Strap On Phone Sex Mistress

Your strap on phone sex Mistress is waiting!Strap on phone sex.  Taking my strap on cock is your ultimate submission to your Mistress. Bending over, spreading your legs, and feeling the head of that big strap on cock nudging you between your ass cheeks.  I’ll make you reach back, spread those cheeks and beg me to take your ass for my pleasure.   I feel your body tense as you wait for that first thrust and the pressure of my strap on cock stretching you open.

Will it be long, slow teasing strokes or a hard, fast pounding for my submissive bitch boy?

Call now! Your strap on Mistress is waiting.

1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Strap on phone domination sessions – $2 per minute
You must be 18+

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Spanking Phone Sex Roleplay

Spanking phone sex for bad boysYou’ve been needing a long hard spanking and you’re going to get it right now.  You’ve need a female disciplinarian in your life for much too long. Now get your pants down around your ankles and get your ass in the air.  I’ve had enough of your macho male behavior and a good hard spanking is the only thing that will produce the attitude adjustment I expect from you.

I’m going to turn that pale white ass of yours crimson red.  I think I’ll use the hairbrush again. I loved the way it made you yelp the last time I blistered your backside.  Or maybe I’ll use the leather strap this time.  That supple leather feels so good in my hand as I bring it down and apply that stinging heat to your ass.  Or maybe it’s time for a dose of the cane.  I’m sure a dozen cane strokes would get your attention.  Now lift up that ass and don’t you dare clench those cheeks.  This spanking phone sex session is going to leave your bottom aching for a week.

Call your spanking phone sex Mistress now.

1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Disciplinary spanking phone domination sessions – $2 per minute
Must be 18+

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Phone Sex Masturbatrix Takes Charge Of Your Cock

Guided masturbation domination phone sexHands off that cock, slut!

I am your phone sex Masturbatrix and your cock belongs to ME now. I will instruct you when and how and IF you may stroke it.  And I won’t make it easy for you.  I will tease you mercilessly and make you edge for me repeatedly until your cock is throbbing and your balls are ready to explode.  You need to learn to control your cock so you can better please a Woman. And I know many masturbation games to enhance and delay your pleasure and increase mine and I will teach you every one of them.

Call now for a guided masturbation phone sex session and surrender your cock now to a sexy Masturbatrix.

1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Guided masturbation domination just $2 per minute
You must be 18+

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Sissy Slut Phone Sex


Sissy slut phone sex with Mistress AprilYou’re dressed up in your bra, panties, stockings and heels, looking at yourself in the mirror, and rubbing the front of your panties like the naughty sissy slut you are.  But you need a Mistress to take control and make you perform for her like the little whore you are. 

Get your dildo, sissy.  Better yet, get two dildos, because your sissy slut phone sex training starts now and Mistress will be giving it to you at both ends.

Call for Sissy Slut Phone Sex – $2 per minute with no connection fee
1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
Must be 18+

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Facesitting Fetish Phone Sex

facesitting phone sexFacesitting, queening, smothering —- whatever you call it, it’s a powerful expression of the Mistress’ control.  You watch a woman walking away from you and your eyes are immediately drawn to the sexy sway of her ass. Your balls ache as you imagine her lowering that perfect ass onto you and pressing her cheeks against your face.  You nuzzle your nose between her cheeks and inhale the scent of her. And your cock nearly explodes as she grinds against your face and as you hear her say “Start licking, slut.  That tongue belongs to me tonight.”

Call me for the hottest facesitting fetish phone sex
No taboo phone sex and fetish phone sex – $2/min
Must be 18+

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No Taboo Phone Sex


No taboo phone domination sessionsIf you’re looking for no taboo phone sex domination, you need to call a phone sex Mistress at 1-888-353-OBEY for hardcore domination and fetish play.  Be prepared for a phone domination session that’s as intense and powerful as your wildest femdom fantasy.

Do you need a demanding Mistress?  A humiliating Cuckoldress?  A ball-busting Humiliatrix?  Or to explore your slutty cocksucking desires with a cruel Pimptress?  No taboo phone sex means no fetish is too extreme.  No fantasy is forbidden.  We have no limits when it comes to your training and submission. Call now and submit!

1 – 888 – 884 – 5768
No Taboo Phone Sex $2 per minute
You must be 18+

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